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Ikcon Global provides flexible cloud-based hosted PBX solution which provide you a business class communication platform for telephony with communication to more than 60 countries.

There are tremendous advantages of virtual PBX over traditional landline phones. The foremost and the biggest benefit of hosted PBX system is the reduction in cost by almost 50%. Long distance calls are usually free, thus drastically cutting down on expenses. Moreover, the connectivity over mobile devices allows the employees to connect from anywhere, anytime. Also, The Ikcon Global allow you to get a number with an area code that is different from the area you live in so that you enjoy free calls to that area. Traditional PSTN has dedicated line between 2 callers which is fully occupied, as long as the call is in progress, lowering the efficiency, as that line cannot be used for another call. While in IP PBX voice signals are transmitted in the form of data packets over the internet, thereby improving the overall efficiency of the system. For business, hosted PBX system is the ideal choice because of its convenience and portability. Wherever you go, calls can be made and received anytime, all you need is an internet connection. Digital features like caller id, voicemail, call conference, call recording, music on hold etc. are generally not available with PSTN.

Hosted PBX offers you many advanced call management features to help you get a big company image. The chief advantage is that it highly cuts down capital expenses and is easy to maintain and upgrade, without the hassles of an on-premise system. You get the mobility to work and stay connected wherever you go, so you have a virtual business presence to sound large to customers. For business enterprises having many offices and workers on-the-go, Hosted PBX is the ideal choice. The mobile user support and softphone advantages give you a professional image that only big enterprises can boast of. The advanced ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) ensures that your call is directed to the right person, improving customer retention. There are many sophisticated features like find me, follow me, auto attendant, customized greetings, call waiting, call conferencing, caller id, recorded calls, and much more so that you never miss out on an important call. Hosted PBX gives you a wealth of countless features and advantages at affordable prices with an improved ease of use. Some priceless and latest features of Hosted PBX are Voicemail and Fax-mail, Virtual numbers, Specified area codes, etc.

VoIP is briefly described as voice over IP, it provides a mode of communication over Internet. The Ikcon Global uses SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) based VoIP protocol to deliver business class standard services.

The Ikcon Global provides Hosted PBX services that meet the best business-class standards with attractive add-ons to enhance your business image. We assure an uptime of 99.9% with multiple backups, real-time redundancy and reliability of services to cater to your enterprise’s growing needs with zero call drop. The scalability and ease of configuration are cherries on top. HD call quality and assured QOS (Quality of Service) makes us the ideal choice for an enterprise-class business phone system that is highly cost effective.

To get started with our services you just need a computer with a good internet connection and headphones.

The audio signals are analog in nature which are first converted into digital data packets and then are transmitted over the high speed broadband network. At the receiving side, the digital signals are again converted back into analog voice signals. IP PBX calls can be made in 3 ways:

Via ATA – It is the simplest and easiest way to make VoIP PBX calls. ATA is an analog to digital converter, which allows you to connect your standard phone to your internet connection to use VoIP PBX. It converts speech signals into digital data to be transmitted over the internet.

Via IP Phone – These are specialized phones that look just like normal phones, with a handset, buttons, and cradle. But IP phones use RJ-45 Ethernet connectors instead of standard RJ-11 phone connectors. They have all the hardware and software on board to connect your phone directly to the broadband network to make IP PBX calls.

Via Computer to Computer – This is certainly the cheapest and easiest way to make business PBX calls. Several hosted PBX service providers offer low-cost services and software for this type of PBX system. Microphone, speaker and high-speed internet connection is all you need, and you are ready to make calls.

We can get you started within 2 to 3 hours. Kindly connect to one of your sales representative to get started.

Yes, you can. But there are certain technical requirements to maintain the quality of service. Voice and data functions should be separated; otherwise, it will affect your floor operations which may lead to call drops, one-way audio, etc. It is recommended to have an expert guidance while setting VoIP phone service on PC.

Usually all the routers and firewall are VoIP aware so you don’t need to configure anything. However, in case your router or firewall is not VoIP aware then you will have to forward SIP port : 5060 udp in order to make it work. Also, make sure that your Internet service provider allows VoIP traffic on the network.

We recommend using a dedicated lease line for VoIP services. In case you are using an Internet connection which is shared for complete office then we recommend using QOS which prioritizes VoIP packets.
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