Step Up To The Next-Gen PBX Telephony

Integrate your system with cloud plug-in to work remotely and never miss a call, strengthening your business with superior communication

Ikcon Global


Hosted PBX

Strengthen your business with superior communication, with the aid of the Hosted PBX solutions, by resolving all your issue, through the removal of the wired system.

Call Center Solution

The call center solution services that we do provide help you to manage and also administer your call center functions better with improved efficiency which is also budget friendly.

VoIP Telephony

VoIP telephony provides you convenient accessibility of using your internet connection on any device, for call functionality-inbound & outbound calls.

Toll Free Number

Increase the productivity of your business, by making it more accessible to the public domain with the aid of the toll free number.

SIP Trunking

Through the aid of the SIP trunking feature, you can now avail the benefit of possessing call connectivity thereby linking with Hosted PBX.

Voice Broadcasting

Voice broadcasting allows you to share a pre-recorded message to your customers in an instant with a personalized touch.


Call Recording

Ensure you never miss out critical information of any business call. All calls are automatically recorded and stored on the secure cloud for later needs.

Call Forwarding

Get a handy feature to manage business calls easily. Build up client loyalty using ACD capabilities to forward the calls to office extension, Skype or personal mobile.

Call Routing

Multiply profits rapidly with intelligent call routing. You can customize routing patterns based on various factors to ensure every call reaches the right destination.

Call Hunting

Find-me/Follow-me enabled service calls up all group members in one go or you can set up sequential based calling until the call gets answered.

Music On Hold

Build up a corporate professional image. You can customize on-hold music as next campaign theme or brand’s tone to use it as lead building opportunity.

Virtual Receptionist

A full-time receptionist is no longer needed. With Virtual Receptionist feature you can integrate a consistent automated voice for your brand and never miss a lead.

Why The Ikcon Global

It is our sole purpose to fetch our clients with enhanced better connectivity by eradicating all types of the limitations. We have developed business connections, which take place globally with the aid of hosted PBX connections for the commercial telecommunications. It has been a prerogative to develop the enhanced communicative channel which allows you to connect deeply by reaching out to more people. Develop the core areas of the business globally with us, as we do possess the latest technological features, in rendering the effective measures to you at any time.

It is also to be noted that we do not only possess the excellent quality service, but our team of experts of Ikcon Global also has the budget friendly tools to keep you upgraded about your business. Our team of experts is always here to aid you with all that you require since the initiation of the connectivity is done. Hence to know more about us, sign up on the link here and follow the description to avail the best of the services today. Hurry up now for the best of the deals of the day.

Zero setup fees

Get the free mode of the set up without any hassle, in less time.

Get unlimited plans of calling

Avail the unlimited calling service to boost better connectivity now!.

Easy global reachability

Connect with your enterprises, globally at any point of time, in ease.

Availability of Customer Support 24*7

Get the continuous support from the team at any time of the day from us.

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